Google Workspace delivers 336% return on investment, according to Forrester

Forrester’s latest Total Economic Impact Report is out and takes a close look at Google Workspace. Download the full report for free.

The rapport

The latest Forrester Total Economic Impact report focuses on Google Workspace, Google’s Productivity & Collaboration suite. Forrester concludes that Google Workspace delivers 336% Return on Investment. The report takes into account Google Workspace solely, without the Duet AI add-on. The financial impact is significant according to the research.

Collaboration in the Cloud

The report shows that collaboration increases significantly after implementing Google Workspace: by 30%. This is possible thanks to the innovative tools within Google Workspace, all aimed at easy (and real-time) collaboration. Google has created a completely cloud-native collaboration package with Workspace and has added AI since 2015.

Google Workspace includes well-known tools such as Gmail (but with your business domain), Google Docs, Google Sheets, but also Google Meet, Chat, and Drive. All tools are ‘cloud-native’. For example, if you join a call in Google Meet, you don’t have to download (or update) plugins or apps first. Any internet browser is sufficient to access the full functionality of all tools.

More highlights from the report:

  • 20% reduction in tickets
    Google Workspace is easy to understand and works intuitively
  • 90% less time to configure workstations
    The Admin Console provides you with smart features to manage workstations
  • 40% improved speed of searching for and finding information
    Google is all about Search, and that expertise is included in for example Google Drive
  • 80% decrease in application development time
    With AppSheet (no-code) you can quickly develop your apps

NextNovate & Google Workspace

At NextNovate we are proud of our Google specialization Work Transformation – Enterprise. With this specialization, Google indicates that we are successfully implementing Google Workspace at the largest organizations. We do this by using our Change Management approach. We also specialize in Google Cloud Platform, and in tools that are great additions to Google Workspace, such as Okta Identity Management.

The Human Side of Cloud

For us, the Cloud is about people. That’s why we’re Google Workspace fans: it allows your colleagues to easily collaborate, regardless of the work location. Collaboration works in real-time, no more hassle about file versions and ‘locked’ files. In addition to all the financial figures mentioned, job satisfaction is just as important. When everyone can collaborate easily, using tools that everyone enjoys using, you will see that productivity increases.

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Forrester: Total Economic Impact of Google Workspace (2024)

A thorough analysis by Forrester about the economical impact of implementing Google Workspace at your organization.

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Google Workspace delivers 336% return on investment, according to Forrester