We connect people to their future workplace!
(That they’ll actually love)

NextNovate offers integration and change for cloud-computing

technology, so your organization works smarter through, for instance, Google for Work.

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Solutions that work

logo g suite

Work more efficient (together)

Experience the freedom to work with anyone, anywhere, anytime at lightning speed.
G Suite offers it all.

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logo chrome

Work the way you live

The browser everyone loves. Simply manage it at company scale.

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logo cloud google

Deploy faster

Start developing your application right away.

Google Cloud Platform takes care of the rest.

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Experience makes the Difference

Everybody can integrate Google Apps. OK, that's been said.

But having a hammer does not turn you into a crafty carpenter. Indeed: having access to the most efficient tools in the world does not suffice when it comes to succesfully implementing a new way of working. Technic know-how is only the beginning.

NextNovate offers not only the tools, but also their implementation. We will lead both the technological as the human aspects of your organization. In this way you really make the step to a new way of working. Smarter. Faster. And more fun.

Nextnovate offers innovative change processes that will be embraced by every layer of the organization.

That's what makes the difference.

How we work


  • Bart Zuidgeest

    Bart Zuidgeest


    I am fascinated by all new technologies that have come available to us in recent years and how these can be used to improve teamwork in businesses. Let's be frank, aren't there almost endless possibilities?

  • niek

    Niek Waarbroek


    Passionate about your IT architecture and GCP/ G Suite development

  • Tim Veldman

    Tim Veldman

    Project & change manager

    Looking beyond, thinking outside of the box, aiming for the impossible and achieving it with realistic targets, that’s who I am. With a creative spirit and a practical approach anything can be done.

More about NextNovate

Work the way you live

Working efficiently is a huge part of our daily life.

With our mobile phones we manage our appointments in seconds. Literally. If we want to ask someone something, we get our answer through WhatsApp in seconds. Even managing your nineteenth century stamp collection becomes easy through a nifty app.

All of this thanks to technology.

NextNovate's mission is bringing this convenience into the workplace. We trade the large, complex processes for intuïtive acting that makes work more efficient, easier and more fun.

Work the way you live.

This is how you recognize a next generation organization

There are many ways to make use of the power of Google Apps as an organization. How many can you already tick off?

  • Social Networking at Work
  • Google Drive as a fileserver
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Doesn't send attachments, but shares
  • Video conferences - instantly
  • Processes are optimaly automatised


Let's talk

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