Work smarter with (new) AI features in Google Workspace

There’s a good chance that you’ve already used a lot of AI-based features in Google Workspace during the past 8 years. Maybe without even realizing it’s AI helping you. Last week Google Cloud announced more AI-powered features for Workspace. Let’s see what’s coming up, and look at what’s already happening.

A short retrospective

Google Workspace was still called Google Apps for Work when the first AI-based functionalities were introduced. More AI features were added subsequently. Some of them include:

  • 2015: Suggested Actions (Google Docs)
  • 2016: Malware Detection and Prevention (Gmail)
  • 2017: Smart Reply (Gmail)
  • 2018: Smart Compose (Gmail)
  • 2019: Spelling & Grammar Suggestions
  • 2020: Noise Cancellation (Google Meet)
  • 2021: Smart Compose (Sheets, Slides)
  • 2022: Portrait Restore (Google Meet)
  • 2023: Write & Re-write (Google Docs)

Future AI features

Google Cloud announced new AI features for Google Workspace last week in a blog: A new era for AI and Google Workspace. A title that raises expectations, but what’s been announced certainly lives up to the expectations:

Generative AI

Sometimes you’re staring at an empty Google Docs for 15 minutes. Sounds familiar? With Generative AI implemented, all you have to do is ask Google Docs to start writing. Just describe (a prompt) what you want to write about.

In the video, Google shows how this works by asking for a job post. Within seconds there’s a complete job post in front of you. It’s up to you to edit the content yourself or ask Google to make different versions and adjust the tone of voice.

Are you a quick-notes-everywhere person? ‘Formalize’ turns your digital post-its into neat emails with 1 click. Another example from the video is turning plain text from Google Docs into a great visual Google Slides presentation.

Generate images, audio & video

Google announced a lot more AI features. Within Google Slides it will be possible to generate images, audio, and video. This also works with prompts (‘Miniature magical gardens’ from the video), and Slides will generate a completely new image, background, or even patterns.

Trusted Testers first

The newly announced AI features in Google Workspace are tested through the trusted tester program. This way Google can collect feedback on the new features and make improvements before releasing them to the public.

New Google Workspace pricing

From April 11, 2023, Google introduces new pricing for Google Workspace. The changes include new rates for Flex contracts. Since the launch of Google Workspace in October 2020, hundreds of new features have been launched. Google says that the new pricing structure better reflects the value of the product.

If you have a one-year or multi-year contract there will be no changes to the current contract. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the new rates, or if you would like advice on the different Google Workspace plan options.

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Work smarter with (new) AI features in Google Workspace