NextNovate receives ‘Work Transformation Enterprise’ specialization for the second time

NextNovate receives ‘Work Transformation Enterprise' specialization for the second time

NextNovate receives ‘Work Transformation Enterprise’ specialization for the second time

Google acknowledged our expertise again with their prestigious ‘Work Transformation Enterprise’ specialization. We’re extremely proud of this achievement because it’s all about NextNovate’s core purpose: helping enterprises work smarter with innovative cloud tools.

What are Google specializations?

Not every Google Partner has the same expertise. Google has created different specializations to clarify to customers which partners could assist them the best. Each specialization is valid for three years and can be achieved with a thorough, external application process

Second time for us

In early 2020 Google assigned the Work Transformation Enterprise specialization to us for the first time. We have grown considerably since, but the core and purpose of our work have remained the same. That’s why we are proud that Google acknowledges our abilities for a second time.

Small partner group

Three years ago, NextNovate was 1 of 20 Google Partners worldwide with this specialization. That number has since grown a bit. A logical development because Google Cloud is growing as well. More (large) organizations have switched to Google Workspace.

Workspace at Unicorns

Last year we looked at the use of Google Workspace across European ‘Unicorns’, scale-up companies valued at over $1 billion. Of these fast-growing organizations, 69% use Google Workspace, compared to 14% Microsoft share. Today’s innovative organizations are looking for tools that match the digital native workforce they hire.

Open vacancies

Part of achieving a Google specialization is having enough certified colleagues. Just like Google, we attach great importance to colleagues with the best, most up-to-date knowledge. Working at NextNovate means you’ll get lots of possibilities to acquire new knowledge and obtain valuable certifications. We have job openings (NL)!

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