The Importance of Chrome Policies

Chrome policies can be pushed remotely to Chromebooks, but also to devices with the Chrome browser installed. These policies (300+) offer countless possibilities in terms of security and user-experience. Discover how they can make your work easier too.

Chrome Policies: the basics

Chrome Policies give IT administrators more control over the devices in their organization. The Chrome Enterprise Upgrade license ensures that you can use many extra (management) functions within Chrome, including Chrome policies.

These policies can be pushed to devices and Chrome browsers. There are 4 different levels at which you can do that: roughly from device-wide to very specifically the Chrome profile of logged-in users. To work in an even more targeted way, you can create Organizational Units (OUs). In this way, you can push policies to, for example, specific teams, offices, countries, you name it.

By choosing the right policies, you can manage an organization smarter as an IT administrator. And at the same time ensure that everyone within your company benefits from better security, but also easier working.

Why would you use Chrome Policies?

As IT administrator, you can remotely pre-install certain apps or web apps by default, and they cannot be removed by the user. In this way, all colleagues get a complete working environment that you set up yourself, without having to install those apps manually on the devices. We have seen that large customers of NextNovate have saved an enormous amount of time on onboarding compared to Windows devices.

Nothing is more annoying for new colleagues than being left to their (digital) fate when they pick up a new work laptop or have it delivered at home. ChromeOS enables you as an IT administrator to prepare everything. With Zero-touch enrollment, Chromebooks can even register automatically without your intervention, so directly with remote colleagues.

Example: Enforcing Encryption

The advantage of the Chrome browser is that you can install it on many different devices: on Windows, Linux, or Mac machines. And of course Chromebooks are already equipped with Chrome. This provides almost endless possibilities that are also much broader than just the Chrome browser.

For example, you can set a policy that every Windows or Mac device must be encrypted, like Chromebooks are by default. An encrypted device is more secure when sensitive data is downloaded and the laptop is getting stolen, for example. You can also use Chrome policies to restrict rights when a device is not encrypted, for example restrictions on the use of Google Drive where often sensitive files can be downloaded.

Example: Pushing bookmarks

Less complicated, but useful is pushing a set of bookmarks to the Chrome browser. That way everyone in your team or organization always has the right links at hand.

Many more possibilities

Chrome policies exist for a variety of topics, hundreds of policies are available. Think of settings for networks, (cloud) printing, logging in and password management. You can also push policies that have to do with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions such as Citrix, IBM or VMWare. As an IT administrator, you can even get started with policies for the Android or Linux shell in Chrome OS. View the full list of policies on the Google website yourself.

Smart setup saves time

NextNovate has extensive experience in cleverly setting Chrome policies. We can therefore advise you perfectly for your specific situation. Setting Chrome policies smartly can save you a lot of time as an IT administrator. Think of setting up Organizational Units (OUs) correctly. By using OUs smartly, you can more easily push to (sub) teams, departments or locations. This is easy within the daily management of IT in a large organization.

Do you have a specific question? Schedule a call with us and we will be happy to think along with you.

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