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Looker & Google Cloud Platform offer you powerfull tools to get the most out of your Big Data


A cost-effective Data Warehouse including ML and BI, easily scalable

1. Tools

Having the right tools in place gives you control, use that data

2. People

A workforce that knows to leverage all cloud tools is a future-proof workforce

3. Change

We use scientifically proven methods for our change management
Many organizations don’t use the Cloud’s full potential yet. Which is totally understandable, if only for the rapid developments going on! We can help you, regardless of where you stand in terms of Cloud maturity. We can even start with just centralizing your Google Cloud Platform billing, so you’ll get a single invoice for all existing Cloud projects. Let’s discuss what works for you!
Bart Zuidgeest

(Founder @ NextNovate)

Predictable Cloud Costs (FinOps)

FinOps is about creating controls to make Cloud costs predictable: a joined responsibility for Finance, Operations & IT. Understanding the cost structure of Google Cloud Platform is not only about understanding the invoice. We enable you and your team to get the best out of Google Cloud Platform.

Our NextNovate FinOps experts can help you get a grip on your current spending, and also help your Development and Infrastructure teams to better estimate future costs. All with special focus on keeping your spending cost efficient, using less cloud resources.

Cloud & security (SecOps)

Building security into your business processes and cloud deployments, in a way that both the organization and users can trust the cloud, is a continuous process. SecOps is therefore never a one-off. We can help you building secure apps, as well as enablement for your security team to understand and maintain cloud security.
Our landing zone service helps you in the setup, and maintenance of your landing zone: the Cloud’s core configuration at your business, also known as foundation. This ensures FinOps and SecOps settings are properly configured and up to date, so you can focus on building Cloud apps and start transforming your business with Google Cloud.

Development & Alignment

Keeping your Cloud Applications available, reliable, and relevant requires a predictabe process & great alignment between teams. User requirements are met with technical requirements from IT, and Security. Your Development team is needed to quickly adapt to changes. We help you with these alignments, allowing for a scalable approach that of course puts security first.

Incorporating AI

We all want to make use of Data and AI, and probably you know first hand that’s easier said than done. While collecting and using data is becoming common practice, NextNovate helps you with the next steps in getting the most out of your data. Incorporating AI is a great next step, we can help you identify quick wins and arrange enablement for colleagues. AI goes well beyond data, accelerating all kinds of (critical) business operations.

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Our Cloud experts are here to help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch and share your Cloud challenges. Our skilled team worked in and with many different kinds of businesses, small or enterprise, start or scale-ups.

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