Google Cloud Partner All-stars

NextNovate colleagues Martijn de la Haye, Martijn Veenstra & Pim van der Meer have won a prestigious Google Cloud Partner All-Stars Award! Below you can read why Google Cloud awarded Martijn & Pim

About the awards

Google Cloud describes the Partner All-star Awards as follows: ‘Every year, we recognize and celebrate individuals who are performing next level, championing Google Cloud on behalf of customers and inspiring others to follow.’

50 people worldwide received an All-Star Award. We’re extremely proud that three awards are for NextNovate colleagues!

NextNovate Partner All-stars

Solutions Engineering

Pim van der Meer works as a Project & Change Manager at NextNovate. Google Cloud has granted the award because of Pim’s efforts in explaining the business value of Duet AI: Google’s AI add-on for Google Workspace.

Google also mentioned Pim’s expertise on ChromeOS 3rd-party apps, an approach our customers loved.

To grant the award, Google Cloud looked at some criteria, including: ‘Works effectively across joint product areas, leveraging technology in new and innovative ways to address customer needs’


Martijn de la Haye works as a Customer Success Manager at NextNovate. Google Cloud appreciates Martijn’s perseverance in long-term projects, to get the best solution for our clients when it comes to Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace. Martijn Veenstra (Head of Workspaces Sales & Customer Success) was rewarded a Partner All-star award for his efforts around Gemini for Workspace.

To grant the award, Google Cloud looked at some criteria, including: ‘Aligns on shared goals to deliver amazing end-to-end customer experiences’

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Google Cloud Partner All-stars