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You have Structured Data and Unstructured Data. In the past, you had to convert the latter category to Structured Data. A time-consuming and difficult process. Nowadays, this is no longer necessary because of smart (AI) tools. We can unlock a tremendous amount of valuable data that your organization can make use of. A Customer Data Platform uses this data for a 360-degree overview, quick insights, that are actionable. We believe in the Human Side of Cloud, it’s about enablement rather than technology.
Stefan Hogendoorn

(GCP Lead @ NextNovate)

The advantages of a Customer Data Platform

By including Unstructured Data in your Customer Data Platform, you gain insights that could provide competitive advantage, increased productivity and better ROI.

For NextNovate, Cloud is about people. The implementation of the Customer Data Platform is not a technical story, it is about enabling people to work smarter. We arrange the technical aspect (for example the Data lake) and deliver change management to enable your teams.

How Sales teams benefit

  • Prepare for customer meetings
    For example by speech to ask for updates in the car, while driving to a customer
  • Get a overview of the most urgent support issues
    Without the need to have access to support systems yourself
  • Insights on accounts receivable
    Without the need to have access to finance systems containing sensible information
  • Feedback on relevant new products and services within customer context
    With taking into account multiple information sources 
  • Keeping track of relevant news
    A large, relevant source is the news, from which you can gain a lot of insights and, for example, you could quickly become aware of crucial matters (profit expectations, investments rounds, negative news).

How Customer Service benefits

  • Highlight known (product) issues to CSRs
    Data from your own support desk systems, or from the vendor’s systems
  • Suggest tips and upsell opportunities
    Based on what customers already purchased, so you have maximal accuracy 
  • Beyond straightforward customer data integration
    Smart AI integration 
  • Share customer’s service requests highlights with the sales team
    By sharing this your sales teams are updated without the need to have access to support desk systems
  • Unlock product insights to boost customer experience
    Based on information from previous support tickets

How Operational Management benefits

  • Suggest Experts
    Based on previous questions and issues
  • Automate operational insights & actions
  • Creating manageable compliant processes
    The Customer Data Platforms knows everything about compliance processes because it’s linked to your knowledge library

How Logistics / Warehouse benefit

  • Routing optimization (internal / external)
    Relevant when you have your own warehouse, but also for drivers out on the roads 
  • Proactive notifications on handling of materials e.g. hazardous materials
  • Updates on contextual relevant information e.g. what are new safety requirements at this location
    When you visit a location you will receive notifications about the safety regulations, compared to your last visit 

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