Five Principles to Drive Effective Digital Change

Cloud computing makes your organization more future-proof, efficient, and productive. However, digital change is not just about technology. For your change journey to be successful, you must focus on behavior. Only when all employees embrace digital change will you’ll benefit from all potential.

1. Organization analysis

Organizational analysis helps you understand the impact of change on your organization, employees, and main stakeholders. For example, organize various workshops (on planning, go-live.) to involve employees in the process at an early stage. By combining this with insights in the current situation through your organizational analysis, you’ll have a clear picture of the impact that the change will have. So you also know which areas you should pay more attention to.

2. Sponsorship

Sponsorship is key in digital change. Create a stron team, including senior management, that’s committed to the digital change and promotes it in their actions and communications. Leading by example guides all employees through digital change, mostly with actions and behaviour instead of words without example.

3. Employee responsibility

Actively involve employees and show them why change is needed. Make sure there are different ways for them to share their ideas and feedback. It can also be useful to engage people who take on the role of early adopters/informal leaders. They can then provide support during the change. For example, by showing how they deal with change and giving tips on how to work more efficiently with the new technology.

4. Communication

Create a strong (and also fun!) communication plan – including various communication channels. By clearly communicating the reasons for change and showing the benefits, the rest of the organization will find it easier to join the process. Use the CEO or someone else with a lot of respect as a spokesperson for important announcements. In addition, it will also help if you give the entire change process its own branding. In this way, colleagues will get to know and accept the change in a positive way.

5. Reinforcing and supporting change

Even after the change has been fully implemented, you need aftercare teams to continue to support and reinforce the change. Think of ongoing communication and training to ensure that everyone continues to actively participate in the new way of working. Also, don’t forget to celebrate successes! For example, reward people who have fully accepted the new way of working. In this way you stimulate the employees who may still find it more difficult to adapt.

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We’ve compiled a 40 page playbook: NextNovate’s Playbook to Drive Effective Digital Change. It zooms in all aforementioned principles, including examples and senior leader quotes.

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Five Principles to Drive Effective Digital Change