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As an official Okta partner, NextNovate helps make organizations safer. Okta enables us to link any digital work environment (with both Cloud, and on-premise applications), without sacrificing ease of use. Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, Lifecycle Management, User Management: read more to find out how we implement this and why your organization can benefit from these features.


Single Sign-On

Users log in 1 time only (via Okta) and are ready to start all applications in the Cloud, but also on-premise, or mobile. Users have demonstrably bad 'password hygiene', which isn't surprising when you consider how many passwords we all need to remember. Single Sign-On syncs with your existing HR system, or even your Active Directory. This way it's also suitable for Hybrid Cloud. Most importantly: it's always up-to-date regarding who should have access to all your applications.

Zero-trust security

Zero Trust is a security concept based on not automatically trusting users, devices and more. In the past, organizations assumed that everyone in the internal network was safe (trusted), and everything external was not. Those days are long gone with cloud & hybrid working. The starting point of Zero Trust is arranging in a smart way who has access to what, where or when. This way you’re able to prevent dangerous and harmful data leaks in your company.

Identity as a Service

Okta: Identity as a service (for dummies)

Do you want to learn more about Identity as a Service? Or better understand Okta's solutions? Okta compiled a great overview of all key concepts in Identity Management. You can download Identity as a Service: for dummies' for free.

Okta: Identity as a service (for dummies)

A Passwordless Future

Is simple and secure user authentication possible without passwords? “A Passwordless Future” is closer than you think. Okta has the solution for your company with their industry-leading SSO and MFA. Read more about it in this white paper.

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