NextNovate becomes official Okta partner

Reason for a digital party at NextNovate: we’re now officially a certified Okta Partner! In the last months, our team has been busy obtaining new or additional certifications, and we also expanded our team. All to help you as a customer even better. How we do that in collaboration with Okta? Find out in this blog.

Okta & NextNovate about their collaboration:

‘We believe that NextNovate has the right people and knowledge to deploy Okta at industry-leading customers. Our goal at Okta is to make organizations safer, without compromising on user-friendliness. Currently, more than 10,000 customers trust Okta to secure their digital interactions with employees and customers. We see a lot of opportunities together’ – Walter Geers (Regional Director Northern Europe @ Okta)


‘By expanding our partnership with Okta, we can provide large organizations with the best solutions available in the field of identity management. Okta is a great and logical addition to (already secure) cloud services that we provide, like Google Workspace ‘ – Martijn Veenstra (Sales Executive Lead @ NextNovate)

Why Identity Management?

Okta is about Identity Management in the cloud. That may sound abstract, but security challenges are more important than ever. Especially in a world where we have increasingly started working from home and continue to do so in a ‘distributed workforce’.

Gmail, Asana, Slack, Zoom, Workplace from Facebook, your HR system, Freshdesk, you name it, all require their own login credentials. Your colleagues have to come up with and remember a lot of different passwords, which also have to meet strict requirements (strange characters, length, unique, to name a few). And you also have to manage it, being a large company: who has access to what, who should be off boarded, or should be onboarded?

Okta enables us to offer customers a secure solution for identity management, without compromising on user-friendliness. Thanks to Single Sign-On, you can log in only once and then use the apps linked via Okta (cloud + on-premise). You can also easily manage who gets access to what, or where, incorporating the Zero Trust security model. Not everyone needs the highest (admin) rights for example, but we often hear something like that is difficult to manage in larger organizations.

More on Okta.

Curious about what Okta can do for your organization?

We are happy to help you! Start the conversation now or download the free e-book “IDaaS for dummies” below.

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NextNovate becomes official Okta partner