Third best Dutch Google Workspace Developer Expert works at NextNovate

In Europe there are only 10; within the Netherlands 3: Google Developer Experts – Google Workspace (GDE). NextNovate’s Niek Waarbroek has recently become the third Google Workspace GDE in the Netherlands and we are proud of that! During Google Cloud Next ’19 in San Francisco, Niek was officially allowed to join the exclusive group of GDEs.

What can a GDE do?

As a GDE you have a direct line with the developers of G Suite within the Google offices. Unique and very useful for NextNovate customers: if there are bugs or questions about (future) features of Google Workspace, Niek can quickly interact with those responsible at Google itself.

Strict selection process

If you think becoming a GDE is easy: think again. A difficult selection process precedes with interviews and Google Workspace community voting rounds. Niek proved to be extremely good at scripting. He also works a lot with enterprise customers at NextNovate, so he hears a lot of feedback, feature requests and user experiences that can be important for Google.

What’s Next?

Niek will continue to do what he is good at in the future: creating links between Google Workspace and various apps or tools outside of Google Workspace. For example, he’s busy with the dynamic mail groups for Dutch #1 e-commerce business Coolblue. Thanks to Niek employees are automatically added to the appropriate Google Groups based on department or function.

We at NextNovate are extremely proud of Niek and feel honored that he continues to make our customers happy!

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Third best Dutch Google Workspace Developer Expert works at NextNovate