Working from Home

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak impacts our mode of working. We’re here to help you take short- and long-term actions to ensure your business continuity, and prepare for future growth.

Working from home should be fun

Because when employees enjoy what they do, there’ll be more time to spend on growth. Short-term: Implement a plug-and-play platform (for communications), if needed. Long-term: Build a shared vision on your digital workplace – harmonizing people, processes, and technology.

Productivity & Efficiency

Use a structured approach to ensure business continuity and help your organization manage productivity. Short-term: Check our carefully selected list of tips & tricks for more effective remote working solutions. Long-term: Have a solid collaboration and productivity proposition as part of your digital workplace.

Employee-led Innovation

Innovation can only take place when people, processes, and technology are aligned. Short-term: Host digital workshops on process improvement. View our webinars for inspiration. Long-term: Create recurring structures to encourage innovation – in different formats.


Our Collaboration & Productivity packages of choice:
Essential because: you can streamline collaboration & stay connected while working remote. One package, many great tools like Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Meet. Share files instead of attaching them to emails. Edit documents in real-time. The only thing you need is your internet browser. G Suite
Essential because: the ability to effectively reach everyone in your organization. People use Facebook in their personal lives, so they already know how Workplace from Facebook works. This results in high adoptions rates. Free implementation for COVID-19 affected industries. Workplace

Tips & Tricks when working from home

How to get work done from home? Google compiled 8 Tips for getting it done when working from home. Struggling with video calls? 6 Tips for better video calls when working from home.

We’re Digital Workplace Specialists

Our Workplace from Facebook Offering

Live the way you work

‘How could we possibly work like that!’, most people encountered one of these WTF moments when it comes to the way your organization works. Employees have these moments as well. We believe that the way you work should be fun. When work becomes fun using the right tools, our productivity, efficiency, and well-being will increases.

'Communication is key in these uncertain times. Especially when working from home, special attention needs to be paid to the tools we use. NextNovate is able to help you with that'

Bart Zuidgeest (CEO @NextNovate)

Overview webinars

On this page we give you an overview of interesting upcoming webinars. At the moment there are no upcoming webinars.