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At NextNovate, we’re digital workplace specialists. We offer virtual deployment of Workplace from Facebook, free for companies that are affected by COVID-19. This way we hope to help companies that are struggling in these tough times.

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Why Workplace?

Internal communication is key in these times of crisis. During these uncertain times, it’s extremely important to deepen engagement with remote workers. Also, it’s important that all employees have access to the latest information and advice regarding how to deal with COVID-19. From a personal-life perspective, most people are familiar with Facebook, which boosts adoption rates for Workplace. Groups, chat, video calling, polls, and notifications - they are all present in Workplace.

In the past weeks, we brought about 10.000 users up-to-speed with Workplace from Facebook. It's not only a good quick-fix, but Workplace is also a tool ready for the future.

Bart Zuidgeest CEO @NextNovate

Our offer

We want to help heavily affected companies with free virtual deployment for Workplace from Facebook. Dutch-only video:

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We are happy to discuss the possibilities for Workplace from Facebook within your organization. Also, we’re here to answer your questions regarding virtual deployment. If you want, we provide you detailed information about the different steps of deployment, like workshops, and training.

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Bart Zuidgeest CEO @NextNovate