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Workplace from Facebook offers powerful tools for social collaboration and internal communication. All in a Facebook-like environment (including timeline and likes) that’s already familiar to your employees.


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Workplace from Facebook

What's the use of an internal communication platform if people aren't using it? Thanks to the familiar Facebook-style, Workspace works very intuitively, guaranteeing a very easy implementation and onboarding process.

Workplace from Facebook

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As Facebook is one of our premium partners, we know everything about Workplace. We'll help you determine the best way to get the most out of this amazing platform. Technically, culturally and process-wise.

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Workplace from Facebook is a great tool to connect with all employees in your organization, whether they are desk workers or frontline workers.

Bart Zuidgeest NextNovate
Bart Zuidgeest CEO

Workplace in action at Makro

Dutch wholesaler Makro is an organization with 3500 employees in 17 stores throughout The Netherlands. Only 500 employees work at the head office, the majority works in the stores. Makro was looking for a new way to connect and reach all employees, with special attention for the deskless workforce in the stores.

NextNovate implemented Workplace from Facebook at Makro. Thanks to Workplace, all Makro employees now can connect and communicate in an easy way. Because Workplace is based on well-known social media platforms, it feels familiar to all employees from the start.

The CEO as ambassador

Implementing new tools is one thing, another thing is to drive effective digital change. At NextNovate, we’re experts in achieving high adoption rates and going for sustaining digital change. For us, it’s very important everyone in an organization is joining a new platform. It was great to see Makro CEO Paulo Peereboom become an ambassador for Workplace, telling a compelling story about it at annual meetings.

NextNovate’s playbook om digitale verandering te realiseren

How to drive digital change

The key to an engaging digital work experience lies in being able to successfully drive digital change. Great tools like Workplace from Facebook are key, just as much as it is to pay attention to change processes. We compiled a free Playbook for you about driving digital change. In 40 pages you’ll learn the ins and outs of driving effective digital change.

Why Workplace?

Workplace from Facebook can be the ideal tool for many situations. If you would answer one of the following questions with a yes, you should probably have a chat with us ツ

  • Extensive use of @all mails to share news in my organization leads to annoyances
  • I find it difficult to keep up to date with other departments or locations
  • Sometimes I want to share some cool stuff, but I think mail is not the right place to do so
  • I don’t have a digital tool to arrange a poll to get to know my coworkers’ opinion

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