Tools & Integration

Aside from Google and Facebook as our premium technology partners, we’ve teamed up with a great number of different companies to get to that workplace that works the way you do. And if it doesn’t exist, we’ll build it ourselves.

Integrate, extend, intelligent

Three main topics in our conversations. How do we connect systems to each other? Which flexible off-the-shelf platforms are already available? How do we improve our work experience based on AI?

Your Ideal Work Experience

The future way of working is all about creating that smooth, integrated work environment that will help your employees focus on things that really matter. By combining and connecting the best of the best, you will create an agile work environment that enables you to adapt quickly to market changes.

'If it doesn't exist, we just develop it ourselves'

Bart Zuidgeest (CEO @NextNovate)

Our Approach

At NextNovate we co-design digital work environments that work the way you do. We help build experiences that allow employees to connect, communicate and collaborate effectively – while taking risk, governance and compliance very seriously.

We see it as our mission to boost your (digital) business, by helping you improve on your digital dexterity, employee engagement, and innovation capabilities. Following an extensive organizational analysis – including a good understanding of your strategic vision, we can help you determine which technologies would be a good fit.

We believe in creating a solid base (architecture) – based on proven tools that are already out there. Technology providers such as Google and Facebook provide fantastic ingredients to build on top of, for example. If the selected products meet requirements and standards, there should be no need to build something new. Based on your future way of working, we can help you integrate, extend or – if there’s no other way – build something to create that perfect, smooth (remote) work experience.