We’re specialized in performing Google to Google migrations, needed when you want to merge two existing Workspace environments. Once companies merge or companies acquire others, there comes a time you’ll need to think about merging the IT components as well. Such a process could be complex, considering companies have large amounts of data (email, documents), complicated IT structures, and the compelling need to limit downtime during the migration process. Migration roadmap + whitepaper

Outsourcing your migration?

Managing your Google Workspace environment is one thing, merging or migrating them: that’s a different story. If only for the obvious reason you’re not conducting a migration every day. NextNovate has a lot of experience in Google to Google migrations, and we’re here to help with this complex process, or to take it out of your hands completely.

Proven methods

We’re using proven methods for our Google to Google migrations, in terms of the technical process, as well as change management. The key to successfully merging to Google Workspace environments is preparation, planning, communication, and of course a lot of technical know-how. This way we can guarantee your users won’t be disturbed during the process. Or at least minimally, during the weekend for example.

' I'm happy to schedule a call with you to discuss your migration wishes'

Bart Zuidgeest (CEO @NextNovate)

Change Management is key

At NextNovate, we developed our own approach to change management. Of course, we’re using it as well when it comes to migrations. It allows us to use a structural approach, and get everybody on board, prepared, and up-to-date. We invite you to download our large whitepaper about our approach: NextNovate’s Playbook To Drive Effective Digital Change: Five Essential Principles. NextNovate Change Management

Our migration process in a nutshell

A Google Workspace to Google Workspace migrations contains 8 steps:
  • 1. Preparations Discussing all the important information like licenses, amounts of data, scope.
  • 2. Project kick-off  During the project kick-off, we’re discussing milestones, timelines, setting a go-live date. Behind the scenes, we’re also setting up our own project team helpdesk, or project Google Sites with all important information.
  • 3. Key user up-to-date & up-to-speed An important part of our approach is to form a small group of key users.
  • 4. Coordinating technical part Who’s doing what, with what tools?
  • 5. Migrating the key users first After migrating the first key users we’ll analyze the results with you as client, to see if nothing unexpected happened, and you’re happy with the first results.
  • 6. The big go-live After successfully migrating the key users we’re ready to migrate everybody.
  • 7. Your approval And our joint party to celebrate a successful migration!
NextNovate's Google to Google Migrations Guide Download our whitepaper

Discuss all options

We can imagine you have a lot of questions about migrations. Feel free to schedule a call with Martijn Veenstra to discuss all possibilities. Plan een Call