Meta describes the Metaverse as the future of digital collaboration. You put on a headset and enter a virtual world with VR & AR. For example, organizations use the Metaverse for immersive training, or to virtually meet in a new way if you can’t get be together. With the headsets you can also quickly create a virtual workplace with extra computer screens or play games.

Many possibilities

You need a headset to use the Metaverse. Meta produces headsets as well: the Meta Quest 2, and the more expensive Meta Quest Pro. These headsets enable you to hold virtual meetings in Horizon Workrooms, but you can also use them to play games or follow immersive training sessions.

We think you should really experience the Metaverse. Contact us for an immersive demo or drop by when we organize an event.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality
AR combines the virtual world with what you actually see around you
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality
VR is a completely virtual 3D environment

Using the Metaverse for Business

A lot of people have questions about the Metaverse, and what that means for the world of work. Let’s take a look with Dan Leonard (NextNovate) and see how to join meetings in Meta’s Horizon Workrooms, and use the headset to create a virtual screen setup.