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Looker is part of Google Cloud.


BigQuery makes a perfect team with Looker! Using BigQuery you’re able to centralize data for use in Looker

Human Side of Cloud

At NextNovate we believe Cloud isn’t about technology, it’s about enablement.

Return on investment (ROI) BigQuery & Looker

The Forrester study found that, for a composite organization based on interviewed customers, switching to BigQuery and Looker yielded the following results over three years:

  • 205% total ROI
  • 5,200 hours annually of data analyst and engineering time saved
  • $1.9M in technical labor savings
  • $6M in savings from improved user productivity
  • ~$1M in retired legacy tool savings
  • Over $1M of profit from increased customer retention

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Forrester: Total Economic Impact BigQuery & Looker

A thorough analysis by Forrester about the economical impact of implementing BigQuery & Looker at your organization.

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