Happeo (Google Workspace) Intranet

Happeo is the all-in-one intranet, enterprise social network, and collaboration platform that brings all your information and communication together. A social collaboration platform makes it easy to stay informed, share (organization-wide) updates. Best of all, it integrates perfectly with Google Workspace.

Stay connected

Internal communication perhaps more important now than ever, because of working from home. With Happeo you ensure that your entire organization remains connected, whether your collegeas work at home, at the office or in shops / on the road. The Happeo platform consists of Channels, Pages & People (Org Charts). Happeo integrates perfectly with Google Workspace, but also with countless other tools such as Slack. Think of it as an addition to your existing tools to streamline your internal communications.

We’ve implemented Happeo at large organizations like Randstad & Riwal.

Create Channels for teams, topics, or (shop) locations
A social intranet can be the perfect place for static content as well
Get and manage Notifications just like social media

Google Workspace integration

Often, intranets are isolated within (larger) organizations. Users have to make an effort to log in and keep up with updates, which weakens the usefulness. How different is Happeo! The full integration with Google Workspace ensures that collaboration in your organization gets an extra boost. User profiles are immediately synchronized, also at group level. Nothing prevents your colleagues from actively using Happeo.

'The new normal means that working from home is here to stay for our office employees. Happeo will continue to play an important role in team bonding and the sharing of knowledge and success stories – both globally and locally.'

Kris Desmedt (Group Manager Marketing and Communications at Riwal)

Happeo at Riwal

We implemented the Happeo social collaboration platform at our customer Riwal. Riwal is an organization with approximately 2,600 employees, distributed over 75 offices in 16 countries. Not only that, a large part of the Riwal employees do not spend their days in front of a computer, for example, truck drivers, and technicians. Therefore, Riwal was looking for a platform that could also be easily used mobile-first. Features such as Channels and the integration with Google Translate ensure that the intranet remains user-friendly, also in the international context.

Fast implementation

From the moment Riwal chose Happeo, and the launch date of the platform, there were only 4 months. Tight change management is extremely important in such a project. Happeo can be implemented as fast as 8 weeks.

Download: Using Happeo to engage, align & activate

Case study Happeo @Riwal
Post-covid intranet