Your Google Workspace management on steroids

Streamline your operations in Google Workspace with powerful software tools from Florbs.

Automate time-consuming admin tasks, prevent security threats and protect your company’s data, centrally manage email signatures to maintain brand consistency.

Admin Automation

Repetitive manual tasks and inefficient processes may lead to frustration and reduced job satisfaction for Workspace admins. Lack of central overview and control may lead to avoidable mistakes and confusion. Boost productivity and free up your team’s time for other tasks.

Create custom employee on- and offboarding workflows that automate all on- and offboarding tasks
Transfer account data & archive users
Save up to 2 hours per user offboarding & reduce the risk of human error
Ensure new employees have access to everything they need from day 1, and former employees do not retain access to company’s data
Centrally manage Gmail delegations and email forwarding.

Security & Auditing

Do you know who has access to your company’s data? Without central overview and control of shared files, unauthorized users may be able to access, alter, sell, or publish confidential information. This could lead to compliance violations, reputational damage and loss of intellectual property.

Get full visibility of shared files with a user-friendly dashboard
Use extensive search capabilities to locate files that match specific criteria (sharing method, type of file, location, owner, etc)
Get overview of your employees sharing behavior and identify where data exposure may occur
Locate and unshare files accessible to external users from public email providers like and
Create bulk actions to update access permissions for numerous files at a time
Ensure your company is compliant with data protection laws.

Email Signature Management

Seize the opportunity to promote your events and other marketing efforts through email signatures. Reach a wider audience with email signature campaigns and ensure that all company signatures are consistently on-brand and accurate.

User-friendly platform for composing and managing signatures
Create and manage email signatures for the whole organization, groups, alias addresses, or specific users
Schedule email signature campaigns to amplify visibility of marketing efforts and connect with a broader audience with targeted messaging.