Make working together easier with Google Workspace (G Suite)

Everything that’s needed to let your company work together optimally on any device or place. G Suite is fully cloud-native and ready for the future. Google is one of our premium partners we often team up with to create that work environment that matches your way of doing (digital) business.


Smart Collaboration

Share files instead of attaching them to emails. Edit documents in real-time, hold meetings from anywhere in the world - it's all possible with G Suite.

Management for Admins

No more hassle. G Suite lets you manage users, rights or access easily via its central management console. Makes work fun.

With G Suite, you don't have to worry anymore about complicated VPN connections. Your internet browser is the only thing you need to access your mail, documents, or calendars.

Bart Zuidgeest CEO @ NextNovate

A new way of working

G Suite is not just a tool, it stands for a new way of working. In the past, people used to exchange documents (with countless versions) by mail. In G Suite, everyone is able to collaborate on the same files. Whether it’s Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, all apps come with the same seamless ways of sharing and collaboration.

Change management

Companies choose NextNovate because of our expertise in change management. Our extensive digital workplace design experience will help you shape the work experience that works with your Business, Culture, and IT Architecture. Read more about our approach in the Playbook Five Essential Principles To Drive Effective Digital Change.

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