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Whether it concerns a huge digital transformation, the launch of a new social collaboration tool, or ‘just’ a new onboarding procedure – we’ll go all the way to help you build the perfect work environment. Adopted by employees. We even have our own annual adoption awards

Cloud Identity Social intranet

Google Premier Partner

Google awarded us the Work Transformation – Enterprise specialization, because of our extensive track record in implementing Google Cloud services at enterprises.
Powerful office tools that empower you to work anywhere you need, or you just love to. Collaborate securely.
Google Workspace
Get the most our of your (big) data with Looker, Big Query, and smart solutions including AI & ML.
Google Cloud Platform
Chromebooks for business are powerfull, and can be onboarded in a few minutes. Always up-to-date and secure.
Chrome Enterprise

Identity with Okta

There's so much more to identity than just signing in. In 2023, Okta let's you connect (cloud) applications, and saves you tons of time through automated on & offboarding.

Workforce Identity

With Workforce Identity you can securely arrange who get’s access to what, where, and for how long. Less passwords, more security.
Okta Workforce Identity

Customer Identity

Customer Identity Cloud enables you to secure your customer (SaaS) applications, and go for the perfect customer experience.
Okta Customer Identity

Connect with Social Intranet

Social Intranet is crucial in the current era of hybrid working. Transform your company culture, and stimulate real collaboration.
Workplace from Meta is based on Facebook tech, designed for your workplace. Including groups, likes & live streams.
Workplace from Meta
Happeo’s intranet integrates with your current Google Workspace environment.
Besides Social Intranet, the Metaverse has our special interest as well. The Metaverse can add a whole new dimension to the way we work and collaborate remotely.
A Digital Workplace?

An intuitive digital work environment allows employees to connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively. As a result, your overall employee well-being and productivity will improve.

A great way to save time to spend on growth and innovation.
It's our mission to boost your digital agility, productivity and empower employee-led innovation.
People spend more than half of their lives at work. Work should be fun!
Organizations work with NextNovate because of our expertise in driving effective digital change. Our services: