An Introduction

Change managers, product owners, developers, project managers, trainers, support specialists – who you gonna call?

Our Digital Workplace Specialists

  • Bart Zuidgeest

    CEO, Founder

    About Bart
    About Bart


    I am fascinated by how emerging and disruptive technologies are unfolding. Especially the ones capable of transforming the way we collaborate in and across businesses. With so many possibilities, I would like to help our customers understand which technologies matter to them and how to get the most out of IT.

    The things you actually would like to know:
    • Proud father of 2 daughters and 2 sons
    • Windsurfer
    • More than 2 TB shared in Google Drive

  • Cynthia Erkens

    Customer Success Manager, Founder

    About Cynthia
    About Cynthia


    So proud to be a part of the amazing NextNovate team. In my role, I'm fortunate to speak to most of our (happy) customers. I see it as my job to listen carefully and try to understand the question behind the question - and make sure we all go the extra mile to overdeliver.

    What you might not know about Cynthia:
    • Adores Italian food
    • Mother of 4 young children
    • All about work-life balance

  • Clifton Grep

    Technical Consultant

    About Clifton
    About Clifton


    I'm all about flexible, smart and transparent collaboration. The tools we offer are all about connecting people to processes and technologies - and that's what I love about my job. Embrace innovation to boost your business!

    What you probably don't know about Clifton:
    • Cloud Evangelist
    • Lives and breathes music
    • Choir conductor
    • Enjoys traveling

  • Martijn Veenstra

    Sales Executive Lead

    About Martijn
    About Martijn

    +31 6 18 585 779

    I like to close the gap between people and technology. I strongly believe tools should work for you and not the other way around. I consider myself as a frontrunner in Cloud computing and it’s implementation.

    More about Martijn:

    Loves Gadgets and Design
    Handball player
    Born and raised in the Gooi region
    Owns two chickens

  • Joyce Eijck-Verbaan

    HR Specialist

    About Joyce
    About Joyce


    At NextNovate, I’m committed to everyone's happiness. In my role as HR specialist, I’m particularly interested in growth and development. When we keep on investing in ourselves, we’re able to grow as an organization as well.

    More about Joyce:
    - Positive mindset
    - Mother of 2 boys (and a dog)
    - Likes long walks

  • Mark Tol

    Project & Change Manager

    About Mark
    About Mark


    I noticed that in a lot of organizations people struggle to find and connect to each other - inside and outside the company. It's my personal challenge to help organizations transform into their best version, combining internal knowledge with the latest technological innovations. It starts with an open and flexible approach and to always want to improve yourself.

    And there's more:
    • Proud father
    • Motorcyclist
    • Cloud Adept

  • Janneke Robbe

    Finance & Quality Coordinator

    About Janneke
    About Janneke


    With vast financial and administrative experience, Janneke is well known for the user-end of automative solutions. She knows good financial control brings stability in the organization.

    • Travel
    • Music
    • Happy mom

  • Anders Hoendervanger

    Social Marketing Specialist

    About Anders
    About Anders


    As a Marketing Specialist, it is my job to learn from our customers, the team, and put our work (experiences) on display. Day in, day out I see our team come up with amazing innovative solutions to build integrative digital workplaces that are a 100% match to our customers. It's my pleasure to share all this smartness with the world.

    What else?
    • A little different
    • Loves music
    • Mac user
    • Has a strong connection to Zeeland

  • Koen Korver

    Senior Google Cloud Expert

    About Koen
    About Koen


    I am interested in the entire Google Cloud and especially in the G Suite part. The ease-of-use, the speed of innovation and working completely in the cloud are the reasons I love to work for NextNovate and our customers. I am happy to convey my enthusiasm for G Suite and supporting others is in my blood.

    Some more:
    • Dance Music lover
    • Father of three creative kids
    • Tech nerd

  • Eveline Zoutewelle

    Change & Communication Manager

    About Eveline
    About Eveline

    Nothing is more permanent than change, so how do we ensure that it's embraced? This is what keeps me busy at NextNovate. Together with our clients, I tailor strategies to ensure our digital tools suit their organization's needs and are adopted by their teams.

    More about Eveline:
    - Family gal
    - Green thumb
    - Spicy food fiend

  • Chris Borsboom

    Project & Change Manager



    My passion is to work on contemporary communication technology. I'm fully enjoying the business value the latest IT developments have, ever since I started in IT after my Business Administration studies.

  • Pim van der Meer

    Project & Change Manager

    About Pim
  • Jeffrey Slootweg


    About Jeffrey
  • Martijn De la Haye

    Customer Succes Manager


    I like to use technological innovation for easier communication and better collaboration. I would like to work with you on those topics!

    What else?
    Always in for a chat about guitars, coffee, or BBQ
    Father of two, husband to 1
    + three chickens named Jip, Polly, and Kippucino

  • Simone Israeli

    Office Assistant

    About Simone
    About Simone

    Quality is very important to me and fortunately to NextNovate as well. Whether it's organizing internal events or making a lunch reservation, if I can help my colleagues to focus all their attention on our clients, I'll be happy to do so!

    More about Simone:
    - To do lists (especially ticking the boxes)
    - Coca Cola and nót Pepsi
    - Happy camper

  • Daniel Leonard

    Change & Communication Manager

    About Daniel
    About Daniel


    I like to research and explore how people can best use digital work tools to connect, communicate and collaborate. Then, using this knowledge, help teams and organizations develop their path to making the most from digital work.

    What else?
    - Known to bake
    - Proud father
    - Originally from the UK

  • Yuri Sprenger

    Project & Change Manager

    About Yuri
    About Yuri

    I like to help organizations optimize their IT processes even better. Design, evaluation, testing, implementing; I'm happy to help!

    What else?

    - How cool is the fact that already 5 countries put a satellite in Mars' orbit!
    - I'm a proud 'nerd' who's building computers
    - Sports wise: skying & cycling
    - Curry is my favorite food

  • Demi Bos

    Finance Associate

    About Demi
    About Demi

    Accurate, organized, and analytical skills; that’s me!

    Being able to work together in a structured manner with a lot of attention to detail, in a company that’s constantly evolving, is really exciting. I’m looking forward to developing my financial knowledge here at NextNovate!

    More about me:
    - Big fan of Stephen King
    - Scout in heart and soul
    - Being creative with DIY projects
    - Baking (and of course tasting it when it’s done)

  • Anko Omlo

    Operational Lead

    About Anko
  • Bart Hoppener

    Customer Succes Manager

    About Bart

We Co-Design Digital Workplaces That People Want To Take Home

At NextNovate we co-design digital work environments that work the way you do. Experiences that empower employees to connect, communicate and collaborate effectively - while taking risk, governance, and compliance very seriously.

We are as much a technology agency as we are a human-centered digital change agency. Based on our years of experience working in different cultures, for corporate and enterprise customers, we can help you lead your organization through change.

We are as much a technology agency as we are a human-centered digital change agency.

Bart Zuidgeest CEO @ NextNovate

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