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Google MeetGoogle Meet

Quick and effective video meetings in the conference room

Start with Google Meet

Makes meetings easier

Hangouts Meet hardware brings the same reliable, easy to install video experience to the conference room.

Its specifically combined set-up makes it perfect to realise meetings in HD, free from headaches. 

google meet hardware
google meet webcam

For every space

The hardware for meet scales with every room its in.

Beam in the 'Huddle Rooms' with a wide-angle lens camera. Or expand large spaces with an optical zoom or pan-tilt-zoom camera.

You can eaisly connect different microphones together with a single cable for ultra clear audio, for any table length.

Intelligently designed

The speakermic, custom designed and made by Google, reduces echo and background noise smartly with its intelligence, so you can enjoy a rich and pure sound 360˚.

In 'Huddle Rooms', the Meet Hardware can automatically zoom and crop to the amount of people that are in the room.

Start with Google Meet

google meet voice
google meet touch

Easy to set up, easy to use

In several minutes you can set up the Hangouts Meet hardware and connect with your team, whether they are on another floor, or in another country. 

The smart hardware kit can even diagnose itself when there are minor errors, and automatically updates its firmware of all components to the latest version to bring you the best possible video experience. Always, anywhere. The distant monitoring and controlling of devices makes it even easier for admins to stay in control.

One-click meetings

Deep integrations with G Suite makes connecting to a meeting as easy as a touch on the control panel. Book a room with Google Calendar, and your Hangout meeting will appear on the screen with all details, automatically. Present or share your screen with a single button, so you can collaborate wirelessly with participants all over the world.

The power of Hangouts and Chrome

Hangouts Meet hardware uses the power and simplicity of an ASUS Chromebox so you can seamlessly and reliably have access to Hangouts Meet from a conference room.

Better audio for large spaces

Expand your Hangouts Meet hardware kit with a standalone speakermic for crystal clear sound in the largest of spaces. 


Frequently asked questions about Google Meet Hardware

What does the Hangouts Meet hardware kit cost? What are its specifications?

Hangouts Meet hardware starts at €1,999. For all details about the kit and its components, see the spec sheet.

Is it possible to use different third party tools?

The Hangouts Meet hardware kit comes with all components to give you the best experience possible. Of course you can choose to use third party hubs, cables, camera's or speakermics. 

Start with Google Meet

Does the Hangouts Meet hardware work with Jamboard?

Jamboard enables creative collaboration with teams spread across the world. You can send a Jam to a Hangout with a single button, so all participants can see ideas come to life, and even participate using the Jamboard app.




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