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Quick and effective video meetings in the conference room: Google Meet Hardware unleashes the real power of video conferencing

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Makes meetings easier

Hangouts Meet Hardware brings reliable, easy to install video experience to the conference room. Meet kits are purpose designed to make perfect meetings in HD possible.

For every space

Hardware for Google Hangouts fits in every room. 'Huddle Rooms' can be captured with a wide-angle lens camera. All Meet Kits are smart devices, able to automatically zoom or pan-tilt the camera. Table microphones enable perfect ultra-clear audio.

Easy to set up, easy to use

In several minutes you can set up the Hangouts Meet Hardware and connect with your team or clients. All available Kits are smart in the way they can diagnose themselves when minor issues occur. Distant monitoring and controlling enables Admins to stay in control easily.

One-click meetings

Deep integrations with G Suite makes connecting to a meeting as easy as a touch on the panel. Book a room with Google Calendar, and your Hangout Meeting Solution will automatically appear on the screen. You can even share your screen with a single touch.

The power of Hangouts and Chrome

Hangouts Meet Hardware uses the power and simplicity Chrome OS, in the appearance of a ChromeBox. Did we already mention power? Yes. It also means you can easily connect and expand Hangout Meet Kits. For example with a standalone mic.

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