Naturalis: ‘NextNovate Got to the Core Of How We Work’

“NextNovate takes all our questions seriously and got to the core of what it really means to have an effective and fun work experience. This may be a weird thing to say, but even our IT department is enthusiastic about NextNovate – even though they took over a large chunk of their work. That’s what I call successful change management!

It’s nice to see so many people in our organization (310 FTE) have embraced all of the innovative new tools and some of them have now embarked on a journey to develop new apps and solutions themselves.”

Jeroen Snijders

CIO at Naturalis

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For us at NextNovate it's all about finding the right balance between different technologies and devices, while taking different (groups of) people into account and carefully evaluating processes (no process is also a process). We believe in proven off-the-shelf systems that you can easily build on top of or integrate with other tools to make it work like you do.

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