From WTF to Solid Business Model

Same Story, same Belief. New Brand. (+ Free Playbook on Digital Change below)

“Why is this organization not organizing its work in a more efficient, smart, and connected way? Or at least in a more fun way?” Those were some of the questions Bart Zuidgeest asked himself when he worked in consulting in 2012.

And, more importantly, THE main reason to start NextNovate that same year.

From that moment, on we’re striving to create new work experiences for all those moments that leave you thinking: “WTF, how are we able to still work like this?”

What We Strive to Achieve

As digital workplace technologists and change management experts, it is our aim to co-design a digital work experience that works the way you do. And need to, going forward in a world that changes almost every day.

Our Team of Specialists

We believe that a solid Digital Workplace boosts your overall company agility and frees up time to spend on innovation. Our team of 20 technical and digital change specialists – including Niek Waarbroek as Partner, CTO and official Google Developer Expert - can help you co-design the work environment that will help you meet your goals.

Our new visual identity represents who we are and what we believe in at NextNovate. And, more importantly, it shows what we can do for our customers.

Bart Zuidgeest CEO

Alongside our customers, we strive to create the perfect balance between people, processes and technologies. All based on the belief that if the way you do your work is more fun, there’s more time to spend on other things, such as company growth. Our goal is to co-design a digital workplace and experience that fits your desired way of working.

Download our free Playbook

NextNovate’s playbook om digitale verandering te realiserenOver the past years, we have had the pleasure to work with numerous larger corporate organizations such as YoungCapital, Coolblue, Randstad or CitizenM (+ view more). Therefore, we have seen what works and what doesn’t. And we’ve done some additional research to get to the bottom of how things work when you’re in the midst of a digital change project. Based on our experiences, interviews with a variety of stakeholders, and (scientific) literature, we’ve written a free playbook that includes 5 essential principles to take into account during change.

Download: Five essential principles to drive effective digital change

Cloud Summit Amsterdam 2019

Let’s have coffee if you have questions, feedback or just in the mood for a latte. We also accept digital coffees through @Hangouts ツ. Or, even better, come say hi at the next Google Cloud Summit in Amsterdam on 10/10/2019.


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Bart Zuidgeest CEO