A New Era of Chromebooks

Google has introduced Chromebook Plus, a new category of Chromebooks designed to elevate performance and integrate Gemini’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. We understand you might have some questions, so here are the answer you’re looking for.

What is Chromebook Plus?

Chromebook Plus is a category of Chromebooks that offer enhanced performance, and integrates Gemini’s
artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Of course they run on ChromeOS and have the same familiar advantages regarding integration, safety, and management.

A little recap on these advantages:

  • Integration: Seamless with Google Workspace & much more
  • Security: Verified boot, Sandboxing, Data Encryption
  • Management: Easy onboarding, simple device management

How do Chromebook Plus models differ from standard Chromebooks?

Chromebook Plus models are designed to provide a significant step up in performance and capabilities compared to standard Chromebooks, bridging the gap between basic computing needs and more demanding tasks.

Both Chromebook and Chromebook Plus devices have their own use cases, and are designed for different users. Not every type of user within an organization has the same needs regarding hardware.

Creative apps on Chromebook Plus

Chromebook Plus supports demanding design applications like Adobe Photoshop (on the web) and Adobe Express Premium. Powered by Adobe Firefly, these applications allow for advanced photo editing, graphic design, and content creation using AI-powered tools.

Chromebook Plus also supports LumaFusion’s professional video editing suite, enabling users to create high-quality videos with its multi-track editor and comprehensive features.

Are these apps limited to Chromebook Plus?

No, Adobe states that Photoshop on the web also works on regular Chromebooks. In the end, it’s a web-based application that is accessible through an internet browser. However, we can imagine you’re better-off with a Chromebook that has better specifications. Chromebook Plus devices certainly work well with aforementioned creative apps.

Chromebook Gemini versus Gemini for Workspace

Chromebook Plus devices have built-in AI features available to all users, as part of the Chromebook purchase. These features can be used without Gemini for Workspace, Google’s AI addon that unlocks advanced AI within Gmail, Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and many more tools. Talking about AI tools: Magic Eraser is also available in Google Photos on Chromebook Plus.

What Chromebook do I need for my organization?

We’re happy to help you choose the best Chromebooks for your organization. NextNovate’s ChromeOS experts can advice you on different Chromebooks, and help you get these devices in-time. Let’s get in touch and get started with ChromeOS.

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